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In 2014, we supported projects throughout Canada, US and Mexico with grouting and water control products, equipment and services. Our team thrives on the variety of projects on which we are engaged. From a hydroelectric dam foundation in West Virginia, to underground mining in the Northwest Territories, we help our clients overcome a wide variety of technical challenges. Our personnel originate from many nations, contributing the richness of multiculturalism to our team.


At Multiurethanes, we share our resources to support our communities. Last year, we volunteered to relocate the office of the Ontario Federation of Women’s Institute, as well as provide weekly delivery service of food from the Daily Bread Food Bank to a local church distribution center. We also enjoyed the success of Team Horgan, a junior men’s curling team that is sponsored by Multiurethanes. Seven student interns, from the families of regular employees, were recognized for their educational excellence by awarding more than $10,000 in scholarships.


Since 1988, we aspire to provide industry-leading grouting solutions with a social conscience. Dependable relationships, excellent customer service and emergency response solutions are key components of our commitment to our clients.