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About Multiurethanes

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High Performance Waterstops

Multiurethanes offers a range of Hydrotite waterstop products. Thousands of kilometers of Hydrotite are used annually in Europe, Asia and North America, both in tunneling and in the waterproofing of conventional concrete structures.

Diversified Experience

Multiurethanes personnel have over 20 years of hands-on experience working with Hydrotite waterstop products.Ā Multiurethanes provides knowledgeable, hands-on expertise to engineers and contractors in the tunneling, mining, heavy civil and utility industry.

Onsite Technical Services

Multiurethanes provides technical support and direction for water stop projects.Ā  Services include on-site assessments to determine project requirements, recommendations for appropriate water stop products and techniques to suit specific site conditions.

Engineering Services

Multiurethanes provides a wide range of professional engineering services to contractors, consulting engineers, project owners and government agencies that require water stop expertise.


Multiurethanesā€™ employees bring industry-leading, safe work practices and current industry training to every water stop project. Employees are trained engineering, mechanical, electrical, and field technicians who are dedicated to quality, safety, and satisfying customer requirements.


We celebrate diversity andĀ share our resources to support our communities. Ā Read more about our beliefsĀ and activities.

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